• Abdelkadir BELHADJ

    عبدالقادر بلحاج


    Abdelkadir BELHADJ is a research assistant in Computational Mechanics Laboratory (MECACOMP) within the department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Technology -University of Tlemcen. He has completed his PhD in July 2019 in "Computational Mechanics". He is a Mechanical scientist with research and development expertise in Computational nanomechanics.


    Abdelkadir hold also a Bachelor degree and Master degree in Mechanical Energetics from the university of Tlemcen, and a Specialized Engineer certificate from the Algerian Petroleum Institute. He is working with the Algerian oil and gas company SONATRACH as a project Mechanical Engineer contributing in EPC of oil and gas projects.





    Looking for a Postdoc position in Mechanical Engineering (CFD/FEA, Nanomechanics, Heat Transfer, Applied Numerical Methods...)

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    Research Assistant


    MECACOMP Laobratory
    Faculty of Technology -Tlemcen University


    Computational multiscale mechanics


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    Lead Mechanical Engineer


    DC EPM


    Rotating Machinery, Commissioning and Start up



    Eng/Sp. Eng/ Dr

    • PhD                                            Mechanical Engineering                                                    Tlemcen University              
    • Specialized Engineer             Petroleum Mechanics                                                              Algerian Petroleum                                                                                                                                                                  Institute
    • Master                                           Mechanical Engineering                                                      Tlemcen University 
                                                           (Energy Engineering & Environment)
    • Bachelor                                     Mechanical Engineering                                                         Tlemcen University 
                                                            ( Energy Engineering & Environment)
    • 1st year of College                    Mathematics & Informatics                                                 Tlemcen University 

    My researches includes the following fields of interest:

    Multiscale Rotating Machinery Dynamics

    Turbomachinery Design
    Computational Fluid Dynamic CFD
    Finite Element Analysis FEA
    Computational Mechanics
    Vibration and Control
    Numerical Methods (FEM, DQM; DTM)
    Structural Dynamics


    • Journal Papers
    • A. Belhadj, A. Boukhalfa, S.A. Belalia " Free vibration analysis of a rotating nanoshaft based SWCNT", European Physical Journal Plus, Vol.132 :513, 2017.
    • A. Belhadj, R. bouchenafa, R. Saim, " Numerical Investigation of Forced Convection of Nanofluid in Microchannels Heat Sinks, Journal of Thermal Engineering, Vol. 4, no. 5, 2018, pp:2263-2273.
    • A. Belhadj, R. bouchenafa, R. Saim, " A Numerical Study of Forced Convective Flow in Microchannels Heat Sinks with Periodic Expansion-Constriction Cross Section, Journal of Thermal Engineering, 2017 (in press)
    • A. Belhadj, H. Boudjemaa " Recent Advances of Mechanical Engineering Applications in Medicine and Biology", Medical Technologies Journal, Vol.1, no.3, pp. 62-75, 2017.
    • A. Belhadj, A. Boukhalfa, S.A. Belalia " Free vibration modelling of single walled carbon nanotube using the differential quadrature method", Mathematical Modelling of Engineering Problems, Vol.4, no.1, pp. 33-37, 2017.
    • A. Belhadj, A. Boukhalfa, S.A. Belalia "Carbon Nanotube Structure Vibration Based on Non-local Elasticity", Journal of Modern Materials, Vol.3, no.1,pp. 9-13, 2017.

    Conference Papers



    Research projects

    • Analyse vibratoire des nanostructures tournantes. Projet de Recherche Formation Universitaire PRFU (2018-2022). Code A11N01UN130120180001.

    Professional projects


    • EPC, SWGFD CPFs (HBH, HTJ and TNK) adrar - Sonatrach-LTHE
    • EPC, Rehabilitation of train 200 of the GPL factory -RHOUD NOUSS. Algeria
      Sonatrach- ABB-Sarpi





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